ELEKES LTD: Stucco&Stone,E.I.F.S.,Acrylic Stucco,Regular Stucco,Natural&Culture Stone,Renovation,Parging.

ELEKES LTD is all about flexibility, innovation and above all, results. Our team of experienced builders and dynamic designers will focus on your precise wishes to deliver cost-effective solutions to any project.


Our Service Includes:

-Full System EIFS Acrylic Stucco Installation on New and Old Residential and Commercial Buildings.

-Natural Stone and Culture Stone Installation Interrior and Exterrior.

-Renovation and Restauration.

-Stucco Repair.


-Cement Stucco with Acrylic Finish Coat.


Who We Are

ELEKES LTD offers commercial and residential stucco service to the community of Calgary. Our team is specialized in traditional stucco, EIFS system stucco acrylic finishing, natural and culture stone.

 We are licensed and insured references are available.We guarantee that your property will remain in excellent condition for years.




What We Offer

Our innovative projects are always keeping the competition on their toes. We specialize in residential and commercial development for clients in Calgary and beyond.


-Top Quality Service

-Punctual and Clean Job

-Over 25 Years Experience

-Fully Licensed and Insured

-Resonable Rates

-Free Estimates

-Satisfaction is Guaranteed